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Introduction to the working principle of hydraulic paper cutter

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The structure of the hydraulic paper cutter part contains hydraulic oil, which can quickly move down and pressurize the paper jack through the pressure oil when working. So as to realize the cutting work, the cutting steps include smooth pressing, pressurizing, cutting, cutting knife returning, latch, pressing paper jack returning and so on. The hydraulic paper cutter can accurately guarantee the cut size of the cut material, even when the cut material is cut with a higher density, it can guarantee higher accuracy.

The hydraulic paper cutter can control the operation of the cutter through the operation of hydraulic oil. Its paper press can set the hydraulic driving force through the microcomputer program. The pressure is constant, the cutting is more stable, and the paper pushing and pressing can be completed automatically and accurately. 

Paper, cutting and other actions. When the hydraulic paper cutter is working, first start the system motor and drive the vane pump to work through the belt. After the vane pump works, the pressure oil passes through the two-position two-way solenoid valve. When the operator steps on the foot pedal, the two-position two-way valve is cut off, and the solenoid valve 3YA is turned on, so that the paper pressure jack quickly moves down and pressurizes. Realize cutting work. The paper pressing force can be realized by adjusting the pressure relay, and the cutting resistance and unloading of the system can be realized by adjusting the overflow valve.


1. Light pressing paper

Press the two buttons on the front of the workbench with both hands, the solenoid valves 2YA and 3YA are energized and the solenoid pins are pulled out. Pressure oil→3YA→sliding valve 4→plunger speed increasing cylinder→swing arm 1 rotates, the paper pressing jack quickly presses on the paper.

2. Supercharge

As the pressure of the system increases, the control pipeline moves the slide valve to the right, the area of the plunger increases, and the paper pressing force meets the design standard requirements.


3. Cutting

At the same time, the pressure oil in the system control pipeline changes the pressure relay, turns on the three-position four-way solenoid valve 6YA, and at the same time cuts off the power of 3YA. The pressure oil enters the right end of the cutting cylinder through the right end of 6YA, moves the piston to the left, pushes the swing arm 2, and drives the connecting rod cutting knife to cut to the bottom dead center along the cutting angle.

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