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Introduction to the working principle of hydraulic paper cutter(2)

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4. Return the cutting knife

When the cutting knife falls to the blade, it touches C2 at the beginning of the stroke to cut off the power of 6YA, and energize 3YA and 5YA. The pressure oil enters the left cavity of the cutting cylinder through the reversing valve 5YA to move the piston to the right and drive the swing arm 2 to connect. The rod cutter returns to the origin.

5. Bolt

The cutting knife returns to its original position and touches the travel switch C1 to turn off the electromagnetic pin. The plug is inserted into the cutting knife body under the action of the spring to prevent the cutting knife from sliding down.

6. Press the paper jack to return

The latch is returned to the position and the travel switch C3 is touched to de-energize the 2YA and 3YA. The plunger speed increasing cylinder is unloaded under the action of the paper jack return spring and the system returns to the oil. The slide valve 4 returns, and the plunger speeds up. The cylinder returns to the position, the pressure paper is returned to the position, everything returns to normal.


7. Parking anywhere

When the three-position four-way solenoid valve 6YA is turned on, the pressure oil enters the right end of the cutting cylinder through the valve, and drives the cutting knife to move downwards. During the downward movement of the cutting knife, the barrier will block the photoelectric grating in the safety zone in front of the worktable, and the photoelectric switch will receive information. The three-position four-way valve 6YA is de-energized, in the neutral position, and the oil inlet and return path is closed, so that the cutting knife can be in any position.

8. Overload protection

The cutting resistance of the paper and the safety system are necessary conditions to ensure the normal operation of the machine. The overflow valve in the system mainly plays two roles. One is unit cutting resistance overload protection-overflow, and the other is excess pressure oil overflows back to the tank.

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