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Interpretation of printing and coating process(4)

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UV glazing is a method of curing glazing paint by UV irradiation. It has the characteristics of fast curing of coatings and low-temperature curing inks that are not easy to fade, which helps to solve many problems in the gloss processing of paper printing. Therefore, it has been widely used in the gloss processing of paper containers, trademarks, book covers, packaging boxes, etc. application.

UV glazing oil contains almost no solvents and emits very little organic volatiles, thus reducing air pollution. UV varnish does not contain solvents, does not require heat during curing, and the energy consumption required for curing is relatively small. In addition, UV glazing oil has a strong affinity for ink and strong adhesion. UV glazing oil has high effective ingredients, less volatilization, and relatively low consumption. The surface of the printed product after UV curing is more abrasion-resistant, chemical-resistant and chemical-resistant, with good stability, and can be scrubbed with water and ethanol. UV glazing products are not easy to stick, and can be stacked and stacked after curing, which is conducive to subsequent processing operations.

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The following typical problems should be paid attention to when using UV varnish:

1. UV varnish is not suitable for operation on permeable paper. Because the low-molecular materials in UV coatings easily penetrate into the paper, causing the paper to darken or even soak. Currently, most UV varnishes are used on printed paper with aluminized film.

2. The main reason for the poor adhesion of UV varnish is the crystallization of the ink layer of the printed matter or the improper use of ink additives and anti-skid agents. The printing process should be improved, and no or less ink additives should be used.

3. The main reasons for the poor brightness of UV varnish are poor paper quality, different surface roughness, uneven coating, too thin varnish, and low viscosity.

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