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Interpretation of printing and coating process(2)

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With the economic exchanges and cooperation of various countries, a considerable number of printing and packaging companies in the coastal and inland areas have foreign orders. Western countries have high requirements for environmental protection, and pollution-free water-based glazing and UV glazing have developed quite mature. Especially in the fields of food packaging and pharmaceutical packaging, Europe has established strict standards, and the survival space of non-compliant film and oily glazing is very small.

The traditional laminating process will not completely fade out of the market because it can increase the thickness and toughness of the paper and its good water resistance. However, in the face of increasing global environmental awareness, products require recycling or biodegradation, and the coating process must strive to improve the pollution of the product, the operating environment and the external environment in order to have more room for survival.

laminating machine

According to the actual application, the cost of coating is higher than the cost of glazing. In the industry, the quotation of glazing generally does not exceed half of that of laminating, so traditional laminating has no advantage in cost.

The laminating speed of the traditional laminating machine is 30m/min~75m/min, while the current online coating equipment can fully match the speed of the printing machine, and the stability of the coating quality has been greatly improved. Without considering the specific requirements of customers, the glazing process is more economical in terms of efficiency.

It is worth noting that the multiple-use transfer film process that has emerged in the past two years has broken the boundaries of traditional film coating, and has begun to show advantages in the application of related color boxes and cigarette packs.

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