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Interpretation of printing and coating process(1)

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The traditional laminating process has gone through many years, and we are no longer unfamiliar with its process. Compared with the glazing process, there are similarities and differences between the two. The so-called printing and glazing is to use a solid printing plate or a graphic printing plate to print one or two glazing oils on the surface of the copied product to make the surface of the printed product obtain a bright and transparent film. Commonly used glazing methods include oily glazing, water-based glazing and UV glazing.

Printing and glazing can enhance the light resistance of the ink, increase the heat and moisture resistance of the ink layer, and play the role of protecting imprints, beautifying products, and replacing film. Compared with laminating film, printing glazing is low in price and simple in process. It can be used for full-page glazing or partial glazing.

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First of all, from a purely environmental perspective, water-based and UV are in line with the trend. Because there are two layers of pollution in the film, white pollution and film glue pollution. The cover after water-based glazing and UV glazing can be recycled directly without any further treatment.

In addition, from the perspective of market application, foreign jobs, in addition to food, medicine and cosmetics packaging, even those electronic products that do not directly contact the human body, because the corporate culture advocates environmental protection and is proud of it, it gradually requires Adopt the non-polluting printing method of glazing.

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