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    Raw Material Procurement
    The company firmly adheres to the principle of “source control”, from the first step of purchasing, the quality is closely monitored, the supplier is comprehensively evaluated for quality, cost, delivery, etc., through the process of sample testing, qualification review, and raw material trial Suppliers carry out screening and management to ensure safe, reliable and timely purchase of raw materials.
    Raw Material Inspection
    The quality management department establishes the standards for all raw materials used in production according to the requirements of the production department, and is responsible for batch inspection of all raw materials used for production in the factory, and scientific sampling and testing in accordance with the set standard requirements to ensure that unqualified raw materials are not stored in the warehouse.
    Traceability System
    The company has established a complete set of coding system and product traceability system from the raw material entering the factory to the finished product leaving the factory. The source and destination of each batch of raw materials, intermediate products and finished products are recorded in detail, and the system is tested regularly every year To ensure the effective operation of the product traceability system.



  • Supplier Survey
    Supplier's basic data sheet includes three certificates and qualifications
  • Sample Tial
    According to our requirements, make samples. Conduct professional inspections on the samples and give the inspection results
  • Site Visits Suppliers
    Visit the supplier and inspect the site. Suppliers provide the ability and countermeasures to solve defective products
  • Supplier Monthly/Annual Performance Appraisal
    Exam Topic:
    1. Quality (60 points)
    2. Delivery time (20 minutes)
    3. Service ability (20 points)
    Assessment criteria: 6 consecutive months of comprehensive assessment ≥90 points, quality items ≥58 points, delivery time ≥17 points, which can be used as long-term cooperation.
    Comprehensive assessment for 3 consecutive months <90 points, the supplier must rectify as required
    Comprehensive assessment for 6 consecutive months <90 points Supplier ceases cooperation

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