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Hydraulic Programmable Paper Cutting Machine

  • SPC-6810HP
  • Samsmoon

Hydraulic Programmable Paper Cutting Machine 

Technical Parameters:

Model SPC-6810
Max.cutting size 680*680mm
Min.cutting size  30mm
Max cutting thickness 100mm
Cutting precision ±0.2mm
Press mode Hydraulic
Cut mode Hydraulic
Push mode Program control
Display 10inch touch screen
Cutting line 
Infrared protection Yes
Motor power  3000w
Machine size  1400*1020*1000mm
Net weight/Gross weight 500KG/550KG

Main features:

1.Hydraulic power control system, joint-venture brand motors, provide strong power, Taiwan hydraulic control technology ensures the quality of the machine.

2.10 inch touch screen, program control, segment, numerical control, and one-key switching of different scenes. 

3.The heavy-duty frame adopts special craftsmanship, is not easy to be deformed, and the cutting accuracy is guaranteed. 

4.Snake-shaped strip: the strip will not move when cutting, ensuring the cutting effect of the last piece of paper. 

5.The patented design of the foldable structure of the paper pushing platform solves the probelm of the inaccessibility of machines in business offices and reduces the transportation costs. 

6.The design of the mechanical foot pedal press paper device, press paper alignment, easy and reliable, meets European CE safety standards, machine stability characteristics, suitable  for thick paper cutting. 

7.The paper feeding table and the operating table are made of 10mm thick stainless steel plate, the platform floating bead design, the paper pushing flexibly, solving the paper jam at the bottom of the paper. 

8. The rear full closed cover type, the pront closed infrared safety device, and the double button cutting type is used to ensure the safety of the operator and other people. 

9.Static hydraulic pump, paper clamping pressure and paper cutting pressure can be adjusted according to the cutting product,with low noise, strong and durable. 

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