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How to use digital post-press equipment?(2)

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Today, when the traditional post-press process is almost extreme and the process homogeneity is serious, digital post-press efficiency is undoubtedly a new highlight of the printing process in recent years and an important weight for the transformation of printing enterprises.

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At present, printing companies are either working hard on efficiency and management to continuously improve the competitive advantages of product prices and quality, or continue to innovate, serve customers in innovation, increase value to maintain and attract more high-quality customers, and increase the efficiency of digital printing. What the Indian enterprises have brought is the increase in overall business volume and the optimization of customer structure.

However, there are risks in any investment. In our survey, it is generally difficult for Indian companies that purchase digital post-press equipment to achieve a balance of income and expenditure within six months after purchasing the machine, because their own technical team has learned and digested new technologies, and the sales team It takes time to adapt to the education and training of customers, as well as the approval process after customer proofing, before performance will rise.

In general, the successful cases of the introduction of digital post-press efficiency enhancement equipment are inseparable from the Indian company's own strategic positioning, continuous market development by the team, and reasonable business models and product pricing.

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Although digital post-press technology is developing vigorously, it is still new, small, and unique throughout the printing industry. Many people still hold a wait-and-see attitude. We are pleased to see that the relevant ecological chain has been gradually improved in recent years, the volume of supporting consumables has risen year by year, and the price has fallen year by year. 

More and more technology/consumables suppliers have entered the market. Equipment product lines and brands have gradually increased. There is still a long way to go. I hope that manufacturers and printers who step into the field of digital post-press efficiency will work together to open up a broader space and market for digital post-press efficiency technology, and create transformation and upgrading Powerful engine.

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