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How to use digital post-press equipment?(1)

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What is the original intention of buying digital post-press equipment? What benefits can digital post-press equipment bring to printing enterprises? "This is a topic that many colleagues in the industry care about, and I have also consulted some decision makers in Indian companies on this issue. In general, the original intention of most buyers is to meet the needs of corporate strategic positioning, and digital post-press efficiency technology. It has a new and differentiated process effect that is different from traditional post-pressing. At the same time, convenient digital plateless proofing reduces the R&D and service costs of enterprises, which can enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

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From the current mainstream digital post-press efficiency process features. The UV process brightness level can reach 99GU, and the traditional screen UV brightness level is usually 60GU~70GU. The UV special effects of digital post-printing look crystal clear, and the brightness is long-lasting. The gradual UV effect can be achieved with one pass through the machine, with different densities or The UV special effects of different textures are also exquisite.

Digital post-printing hot stamping is also different from traditional hot stamping. Traditional hot stamping needs to be pressed at a temperature of more than 100 degrees. The anodized aluminum will be oxidized to different degrees, resulting in the loss of brightness of the finished product. At present, the mainstream digital hot stamping on the market turns into "glue" through the chemical reaction of the ink under a specific spectrum. The electrochemical aluminum paste is transferred to the "glue" and then peeled off. The hot stamping temperature can be controlled at 30-40°C. We call this process "cold hot stamping" or "warm stamping". With this technology, the finished product has a long-lasting brightness and is not easy to black and fall off.

In addition, due to the low temperature of the whole process, it will not cause deformation and damage of the printing material, and it can also allow printing companies to achieve unique processes such as hot stamping and UV coating, such as the surface layer after digital hot stamping. Hot stamping, or hot stamping of red, gold, blue, etc. on the paper sleeve repeatedly to achieve the special effect of colorful metallic luster. In addition, the hot stamping effect of special materials such as PET/PVC/PU leather is better than traditional post-printing.

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The expression technique of pressing the bumps is different from the traditional technique. The embossing and embossing process of digital post-printing efficiency relies on the curing and stacking of the ink, and there will be no depression on the reverse side of the printed sheet, and the ink has a high hardness after curing. For printed greeting cards, this advantage can be used to write characters on the reverse side; for high-end mounted gift boxes, there is no need to fill the depressions caused by the reverse side pressing, and the back is not easy to foam after applying glue, which greatly improves the process details after mounting. 

Three-dimensional impression and yield rate. Moreover, with time and temperature and other environmental changes, the surface of the embossed concave and convex remains three-dimensional. At the same time, the registration accuracy after repeated stacking of hot stamping and UV coating processes is difficult to achieve with traditional post-printing. But this does not mean that the digital post-press efficiency process will replace the traditional post-press process. The two will complement each other and complement each other for a long time. The traditional post-press process has a cost advantage in long-term operation.

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