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How to replace the paper cutter blade

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Paper cutter blades are common consumables for paper cutters. They cannot be replaced after a period of use, otherwise the service life of the paper cutter will be affected. The method of replacing the paper cutter blade is very simple. First, turn off the power switch and make sure that the knife bed stops in the middle position. Then use a tool to remove the screw, remove the blade, and finally replace it with a new blade. After replacing the blades, adjustments must be made to ensure the cutting accuracy of the equipment.


1. When the paper cutter blade is in the uppermost position, turn off the power switch, stop the movement of the machine, put the machine in a stopped state, put the machine in the turning state, and turn the cutter bed in the middle position.

2. When replacing the blade, loosen all the screws that fasten the blade on the knife bed, insert the attached knife wrench into the hexagonal hole on the knife bed, and rotate it counterclockwise to automatically drop the blade. Then put the screw with the handle of the knife into the screw hole of the blade, and rotate the handle with the handle of the knife. The blade can be taken off the hook and placed on the accessory rack, and placed in the box for grinding.

3. After the blade is sharpened, first check the newly taken blade, check the angle and width of the blade sharpening, and clean the blade with a soft cloth. Note that the blade should be wiped from the back to the blade, not against the blade or along the blade, otherwise it is easy to cut your hands.

4. Then confirm that the main motor start button is in the stopped state, and confirm that the main motor pulley is in a stationary state. This step is very important, mainly to prevent the machine from starting suddenly.


5. After confirming that the machine is in the stopped state, screw the accessory tool wrench into the sharpened or replaced blade screw hole, put it on the accessory tool, push it near the knife bed, and lift the blade to make the middle of the blade concave. The two holes of the slot are hung on the hooks of the knife bed, remove the knife handle, insert the knife wrench into the hexagonal hole of the knife bed, rotate clockwise, the blade automatically rises to a fixed position.

6. Finally tighten all the bolts that fix the blade on the knife bed. Pay attention to the whole process and be careful not to make the knife edge touch any hard things. After confirming that the paper cutter is fixed, put all the tools away, and the blade replacement is completed.

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