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How to replace the paper cutter blade(2)

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Every time a new blade is installed, or the old blade after sharpening, the height of the knife bed should be adjusted manually to adjust the cutting amount of the blade, so as to avoid the large height of the new blade and the deeper cutting which may cause accidents. When adjusting the cutter, the main motor must be turned off and can only be performed after stopping the operation. The adjustment steps are as follows:


1. Make sure that the paper cutter is in the knife change state. First stop the main motor, press the main motor stop button, confirm that the main motor is in a stationary state, and then set the cutting switch knife selector switch to the middle knife change position.

2. Determine the cutting depth of the blade, use a socket wrench to rotate the nut on the end of the pulley to move the knife bed to the lowest point, and observe whether the cutting depth of the blade into the blade is reasonable (normally 0.5-1 mm).

3. If the blade is in contact with only one end of the blade, it can be solved by adjusting the eccentric shaft behind the main frame. If the blade is worn and cannot cut the paper, move the blade down in the direction of the long hole until the paper can be completely cut.

4. If the blade cannot touch the paper at all, turn off the main motor and power switch, loosen all the blade coupling screws, place the knife bed manually at the lowest point, and use an Allen key to push the knife hanging device inward for about 4 mm , Disengage the brake of the hanging knife device, and rotate the top knife cam to make the blade cut the paper.

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