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How to maintain the folding machine

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Folding machine is one of the main post-press equipment for book and newspaper processing. It is a machine that folds large printed sheets into signatures according to certain specifications. The folding machine is a modern printing equipment produced with the modern printing industry, and has become one of the indispensable production equipment in the production process of printing enterprises.

Therefore, the daily maintenance work of the folding machine must be done well. The specific maintenance work is as follows:

folding machines

1. Daily maintenance of the folding machine:

1) Clean the surrounding environment of the machine and the machine itself;

2) Check whether the firmware is loose and worn, and whether there is abnormal sound during operation and whether each electric eye travel switch is normal and effective;

3) Add oil once to the folding knife guide rod and bakelite block;

4) Wipe the dust on each electric eye with a clean soft cloth and clean the surrounding paper scraps.

2. Weekly maintenance of the folding machine:

1) Add a small amount of engine oil to the support guide rod of the front gear and paper gear;

2) Fill the grease nozzle of the air pump with high temperature resistant grease and clean the air filter in the air pump.

3. Monthly maintenance of the folding machine:

1) Fill each butter nozzle of the machine with butter;

2) Add oil once to the support and sliding parts that adjust the pressure of the folding roller;

3) Add oil once to the chain wheel of the camshaft transmission part;

4) Clean the dust on each fence board and adjust the common parts of the fence to the best working function state;

5) Clean or check whether the working state of the solenoid valve is normal;

6) 10 minutes after turning off the power of the folder, clean the dust and paper scraps of the electric box. Visually, there are abnormal phenomena such as loosening or falling off of the wireless head;

7) Adjust the pulley or check the tension of all the paper conveying belts to the proper position;

8) Clean the inside of the machine, mop and wash the machine and the surrounding ground to keep the machine inside and the ground free of excess grease to prevent electrical fires;

9) Check whether the air pump motor is hot or not, ask an electrician to check whether the circuit is normal and effective;

Safety warning: The maintenance work of the folding machine requires that the power is turned off!

folding machines

Fourth, the maintenance of the folding machine has three main benefits:

1) Extend the normal service life of the machine;

2) The quality of the products produced is stable;

3) The machine runs stably and works efficiently.

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