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How to improve the cutting quality of paper cutter

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With the rapid development of pre-press and printing technology and equipment, people began to turn their attention to post-press, and gradually formed new development hotspots. Today, digitalization and networking are developing extremely rapidly. In post-press processing equipment, the quality of paper cutting machines is particularly noticeable. The following is a summary of several factors that affect the cutting quality of the paper cutter:


1. Factors in the paper cutter

(1) The base line for cutting paper size on the paper pusher is the back gauge, which should be parallel to the cutting line and perpendicular to the worktable.

(2) The cutter should be perpendicular to the worktable when the cutter is dropped, and the cutting edge of the cutter should be parallel to the worktable and adjust it to a certain height.

(3) The paper press should be able to adjust the pressure according to the cutting requirements and keep it stable. Generally, the gauge pressure should be in the range of 4-10 MPa, and it is not allowed to exceed 15 MPa. This is the prerequisite to ensure the cutting quality.

Therefore, when installing and debugging the paper cutter, the above parts should be adjusted accurately, otherwise the cutting specifications will not meet the requirements or the cutting will be skewed.

2. Improper adjustment of cutter and blade

The cutting knife will not fall in place, resulting in a continuous knife phenomenon; the falling height of the cutting knife is too low, making the knife mark of the knife strip too deep, forming an unsmooth cut or breaking the knife strip, the normal depth of the cutting knife cutting into the knife strip is 0.5~ 1mm; Blunt blades and uneven blades are also prone to even the knife or the cut is not smooth.

3. There is a small gap on the blade, and there are cuts on the cutting edge.


4. The reason why the paper stack is long and short after being cut

(1) The cutting edge of the cutter is too blunt, and it is easy to pull out the surface layer of the cut object, resulting in inconsistent specifications.

(2) The cutter is not perpendicular to the worktable.

(3) The front surface of the paper pusher is not perpendicular to the surface of the worktable. The paper pusher is tilted forward, and the cut paper stack is long and short at the top; when the paper pusher is tilted backward, the cut paper stack is short and long at the bottom.

(4) The higher the paper stack, the higher the pressure of the paper press, and the larger the anti-cutting knife of the paper stack, which increases the bending deformation of the paper stack, and the phenomenon that the cut paper stack grows up and down. Therefore, the height of the paper stack should be controlled below 100mm, and the corresponding cutting height should be adjusted appropriately for the thickness of the paper.

(5) The pressure of the paper press should follow the nature of the paper being cut. The specification, size and quantity change. In order to achieve accurate cutting, the paper must be pressed tightly with a paper press. When cutting general paper, the pressure of the paper press should be greater; when cutting hard paper or cardboard, the pressure of the paper press should be lower.

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