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How about the printing quality of the glue-bound album?

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In this era, many material conditions are constantly improving, and more and more people are satisfied under such conditions, but more are pursuing a higher level of life. And in the process, there are many people who love plastic-bound albums very much. Its appearance is not only exquisite but also very high quality. So, how is its quality?

The characteristics of the photo album paper affect the printing quality of the photo album. Regarding the quality of the printed paper, it also plays a great role in the quality of the photo album. Under normal circumstances, it is very important to control the temperature of the soluble glue. Whether the bonding is firm or not. The difference in paper is also one of the good or bad quality of the album. The main reason is that the curing time and cooling rate of the meltable adhesive on different papers are different. the same.

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At present, the commonly used picture album paper is book paper, and book paper is used to print more text, most of which are used to print manuals, and there are many printed books and magazines. The color reduction effect is not so good, but under normal circumstances, it is not recommended to use book paper to print albums. There are also artistic papers, which are used for the printing of art albums and other artistic plastic-bound albums. However, art paper is generally not used to print pictures with color requirements.

From the perspective of bonding and fixing, the offset paper is the strongest, and the coated paper will be a bit poor if the paper is lightly coated. In addition, the thickness of the paper is also the main element related to the quality of the binding. For the same paper, the thicker the binding effect is better for the same paper.

In actual situations, if the thickness of the paper exceeds 1.57g, another process must be added to the glue binding first-thread locking. Only after the book is fully bound, there will be no page drop and glue quality problems.

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