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Client Consultation

1. Understand the needs of customers
2. Recommend products according to customer needs


1. Confirm the transaction method
2. Confirm the mode of transportation (express, air, sea, land)
3. Determine the product name, model, quantity, delivery date, payment method, packaging method, transportation method, etc., and make a formal quotation to the customer

Get order

1. After negotiation, the formal purchase order and the signed agency agreement are received from the customer.
2. Arrange production after receiving 30% advance payment from the customer

Production Order

1. After confirming the customer order, place a production order to the factory and arrange a production plan.
2. Confirm whether there is a spot (if there is a spot, you can arrange delivery directly)
2. Confirm the delivery date with the factory
3. Follow up the production process
4. Confirm the mark with the customer

Mode Of Transport

1. Express (DHL, FedEx, UPS, dedicated line)
1. Air freight (booking power of attorney: consignee and consignor, quantity of goods, product HS code, weight, volume), arrange booking
2. Shipping (booking power of attorney: consignee and consignor, quantity of goods, product HS code, weight, volume), arrange booking


1. After receiving the warehouse receipt by air or sea, contact domestic logistics and send it to the designated warehouse
2. Take pictures when shipping

Customs Information

Express: no customs declaration required
Air freight: invoice, packing list, declaration elements, customs declaration form, proxy declaration letter sent to the customs broker
Shipping: scan invoices, packing lists, declaration elements, customs declaration forms, and proxy declarations to the customs broker

Order Confirm

1. Express: no bill of lading
2. Air freight: The freight forwarder will draft a bill of lading confirmation to the salesperson for confirmation, and the bill of lading will go with the goods after confirmation
3. Shipping: The freight forwarder will draw up a confirmation of the bill of lading to the salesperson for confirmation. The forwarder will provide the original bill of lading within three days after the goods leave the port. Need to confirm with the customer whether to issue the original bill of lading or telex

Customs Clearance Information

1. Express: no customs clearance documents
2. Air freight: Customs clearance materials go with the goods
3. Shipping: send invoices, packing lists, certificate of origin (according to customer needs), and provide the original (relay)

After-sales Service

1. The product is guaranteed for one year. If there is any problem with the product within one year, the factory can provide free accessories (excluding consumables)
2. Lifetime after-sales service
3. Online installation and operation guidance, video guidance
4. Product failure: engineer online video guidance

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