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Do you know how to use your adhesive binding machine well?

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I believe that many people in the daily use of adhesive binding machines, will encounter some problems and thus affect the production efficiency. In fact, many times it is ignored some basic operational needs or details are not done.

1, the input production size to be accurate, the machine displays a fault code, take the lead in checking whether the production data input is correct.

If the input size and the actual product error, later may be in the production process even if the fine adjustment can not achieve satisfactory results. The operator can use the equipment comes with an electronic ruler to carry out automatic measurement of the size to ensure that the data entered is accurate.

Glue Binding Machine

2, the machine is best to arrange fixed personnel for production, such as the production of unconventional adjustment of the machine or for fault adjustment, please inform and make a good registration notification when handing over the shift.

When a fault is reported, the operator should first register the wrong diagram and error code displayed on the touch screen and inform the replacement staff during the shift change, in order to prevent the replacement staff from operating the machine incorrectly and causing serious equipment failure.

3. The gluing machine should be cleaned and the waste caused during the production process should be dealt with in a timely manner.

6S management system in the "clean (SEIKETSU)" in addition to ensuring a clean and hygienic production environment, but also to the implementation of production equipment, do a good job in the details of maintenance work, to comply with the operating rules, then the work will naturally be done with half the effort.

4、The shaft head and the big chain position on both sides of the binder need to be regularly oiled and maintained according to the actual production situation.

If you do not regularly maintain, long-term may lead to the book folder is not firm, affect the quality of the glue, reduce the product colour.

Glue Binding Machine

5. Regular cleaning according to the production site environment.

If there is dirt, it will cause the machine system to misrepresent the paper error, the operator only needs to use the air gun to blow clean or wipe with a clean cloth to ensure the normal operation of the electric eye.

6, The filament rod, guide rail, chain and cam parts of the binding machine need to be cleaned and lubricated regularly.

Dirt in the parts will cause the adjustment of the machine on the way can not return to zero, but also may lead to near zero position of the electric eye inaccurate and overload, inaccurate size of the adjustment machine, stepping motor and control circuit board damage problems.

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