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Die cutting and creasing after printing

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The die-cutting process is a molding process in which a die-cutting knife is combined into a die-cutting plate according to the pattern required by the product design. Under pressure, the printed matter or other plate-like materials are bundled into the desired shape and cut. The indentation process is Use a crimping knife or a crimping die to make a line mark on the sheet by pressure, or use a rolling theory to roll out a line mark on the sheet, so that the sheet can be bent into a predetermined position. The traces pressed by this method are mostly linear, so they are called pressing lines.

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In most cases, the die-cutting and creasing process often combines the die-cutting knife and the crimping knife in the same template, and simultaneously performs die-cutting and creasing processing on the die-cutting machine, so it can be simply referred to as molding, pressing Mold processing technology is mainly used for die-cutting and creasing all kinds of paper or boards, but at the same time, for some of the leather, leather, or plastic materials used for the notebook cover in our printing.

The die-cutting processing operation is relatively simple, low cost, low investment, good quality, and quick results. It plays an important role in greatly improving the grade of processed products and increasing the added value of product packaging. These characteristics of die-cutting processing are used more and more. It is widely used in our printed picture albums. For example, if the cover paper of the picture album is thicker, we need to use indentation, so that the indentation will not burst and affect the appearance. It is in the packaging box. It is also an indispensable important technology.

In printing, there are many die-cutting and indentation processes for carton, which can be roughly divided into two categories, folding carton and sticky sticker box. Folding cartons are made of various types of cardboard or colored small corrugated cardboard. When making, they must be printed. 

The surface of corrugated cartons can be printed with some color patterns that customers need, and then surface processing, die-cutting and indentation, and the surface structure It is composed of contour cutting line and indentation line, and formed by die-cutting and indentation technology. Molding is its main process feature. This kind of carton has high requirements for the quality of die-cutting and indentation, so the size specifications are strict, so the mold Cutting and creasing is one of the key processes in the carton making process and the basis for ensuring the quality of the carton.

The pasted carton is made by pasting a base cardboard with a veneer material. In the molding of the base cardboard, sometimes a method of molding is required.

In the die-cutting and indentation process, the accuracy of knife template making and the quality of the caulking are the key to the quality of the molding process. Die-cutting is based on the requirements of product design or sample, and the required The cut die cutting line and the folded indentation line graphics are accurately copied on the base plate according to the size ratio of the actual sample, and the slit of the inlaid knife line is made. There are also two types of master plates, one is manual plate making, whic

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h depends entirely on the operator's skill level, and the other is a laser method, which increases the accuracy and automation of knife plate making to a new level , Completely ruled out the considered error.

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