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Design and printing post-press processing(2)

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The laminating process is to compound a layer of plastic film on the surface of the printed product, without changing the color of the printed graphic, but can greatly improve the artistic effect and commercial value of the printed product, and also improve the abrasion resistance, folding resistance and moisture resistance of the printed product Tensile strength, such as resistance, protect printed products and increase service life.

Coating is a processing technology of coating a layer of colorless transparent paint on the surface of the printed product, and after leveling and drying, a thin and uniform transparent bright layer is formed on the surface of the printed product. Coating can effectively improve the gloss, smoothness, water resistance, light resistance, and abrasion resistance of the product, protect the product, beautify the product, and enhance the practical value of the product. The glazing process includes coating glazing, UV glazing and calendering.

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Concave and convex embossing is to form concave and convex graphics on the surface of the substrate by strong pressure. This kind of craft makes the printed product have a three-dimensional effect and improves the artistic quality of the product. The embossing process is an environmentally friendly process, and its production process does not have any pollution. It is mostly used in the post-processing of printed matter and paper containers, such as packaging cartons, bottle labels for decoration, trademarks, book binding, calendars, festive invitations, greeting cards, etc.

Hot stamping is commonly known as hot stamping and is usually replaced by anodized aluminum hot stamping. Hot stamping refers to a thermal pad printing process that transfers hot stamping foil to the surface of the substrate under a certain temperature and pressure. With the continuous development of hot stamping equipment and materials, hot stamping technology has been developed to three-dimensional hot stamping, cold hot stamping, holographic positioning hot stamping, etc., and even the laser pattern or holographic anti-counterfeiting pattern of anodized aluminum itself can be used for anti-counterfeiting.

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