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Design and printing post-press processing(1)

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Post-press processing is a general term for processing technology that enables printed matter to obtain the required shape and usability. Its scope and nature depend on the type of printed matter. Post-press processing mainly includes printing processing and finishing processing.

Through the molding process, the printed matter gets the desired shape. For example, single-page printed matter is cut to the size specified by the design; bookbinding of books and magazines; die-cutting and indentation of packaging materials.

Folding is a process of folding printed sheets into book signatures of the size of the book and magazine in the order of page numbers, or folding large-format printed sheets into a certain format according to requirements. Folding is the basis of binding. The main folding methods are parallel folding, vertical folding and mixed folding.

paper cutting machine

Cutting is a method of separating materials. In printing, packaging, book binding and other processing processes, a cutting machine is required for cutting to make the printed matter reach the specified size.

Books and periodicals can be bound into a book by binding scattered signatures, making it a complete book. For readers, it is convenient to read, and at the same time, it is also convenient to collect.

The die-cutting process is designed according to the shape of the product, and under pressure, the printed matter is rolled and cut into the required shape with a die-cutting knife. The creasing process is to creasing, so that the printed product can be bent into a predetermined position.

Through finishing process, the printed matter can get the required appearance and performance. Improve the surface performance, reproduction effect, artistic appreciation value, etc. of printed matter and protect printed matter.

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