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Definition and characteristics of an adhesive binding machine

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A normal gluing machine uses liquid glue as the adhesive.

Detailed process

The semi-finished book stickers are bundled, a certain number of book stickers are placed on the bundling machine one, the two ends are blocked against with a board fast, the bundling machine is switched on and the loose book stickers are compacted and then bundled with a rope belt. In order to make the spine stiff and neat after compaction, after compaction and bundling then use polyethylene glue to paint over the tied book back, wait for the brushed polyvinyl alcohol glue to dry and then loosen the tied rope, and then separate each book sparingly and transfer it into the glue package.


Milling and felting is a key process in wireless binding. If the depth of the milling and haircut is not enough, it will affect the penetration of the glue and cause the quality defects of the off-page and loose pages. If in the finishing process before the glue pack the book is not broken into flush, bundle is not flat, not compacted into the milling back, then the quality defects of this semi-finished products in the glue pack machine by the book clamp clamping is bound to be the back of the book is not flat, the milling knife can not be milled, the back of the book is not deep enough hair, as described above, the glue does not penetrate, off the page, loose pages of quality defects are bound to exist. Therefore, in the quality inspection after the glue pack if found off the page and loose pages, in checking whether the milling back, beating hair depth is appropriate at the same time, but also to check the quality of the semi-finished products into the glue pack with pages, binding, compaction processes such as processing.

binding machine

The ultra compact gluing machine uses hot melt adhesive sheets as the adhesive.


The ultra-compact gluing machine (also known as a desktop gluing machine) allows the user to easily complete the binding (gluing into a book) in the office, saving manpower and material resources as well as time, making it the ideal gluing machine for office units. With its small size, fast preheating, low power consumption, fast binding, high gluing thickness limit (up to 12cm), simple operation and other superior performance, the ultra-compact gluing machine is listed that has been well received by various industries. It completely breaks the tediousness of traditional binding machines, replacing plastic clamping strips and leading the way to a new pattern.


With the ultra-compact binding machine you can produce beautiful contracts, conference manuals, presentations, operating instructions, tenders, insurance policies and personalised notebooks, photo albums, brochures, summons binding, cheque binding, document binding, data storage binding, bookmaking, wireless hardcover, photo albums, butterfly binding, books and other glued works, as well as repairing detached books. Particularly suitable for document binding purposes in graphic production centres, libraries, studios, small and medium-sized printing enterprises, design institutes, research institutes, publishing small and medium-sized, large enterprises and other institutions.

Machine advantages

1. small size, like a printer, net weight 7.8kg.

2. fast warm-up, only 5-6 minutes to warm up the machine.

3. low power consumption, power 450W.

4. fast binding, only 40-70 seconds per book.

4. easy operation of gluing.

5. Unlimited thickness, glued binding can be up to 12cm thick.

binding machine

Features of the glued binding work

The inside pages are not easy to fall off, can be completely flat, easy to read, easy to layout without considering leaving cutting lines.

Details of the process

Cut a hot melt adhesive sheet to fit the groove, place the paper to be bound on the grooved hot melt adhesive sheet, start the heating process of the machine, stop after a few minutes, take off the book, cool it down and you can use your handmade glued binding normally.

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