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Daily maintenance points of hydraulic paper cutter(2)

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(3) Selection of hydraulic oil

1. The suitable environment for the machine to work is 5-35℃;

2. Use oil temperature of 10-65℃.

When the conditions do not meet the above requirements, the hydraulic oil used in the hydraulic tank should be selected with different viscosity hydraulic oils according to the changes in the ambient temperature; when the temperature is lower than 0℃, use L-HV22 low temperature hydraulic oil; when the temperature is When the temperature is 0℃-20℃, use L-HM22 anti-wear hydraulic oil; when the temperature is 20℃-35℃, use L-HM32 anti-wear hydraulic oil; when the temperature is higher than 35℃, use L-HM46 anti-wear hydraulic oil The capacity of the hydraulic tank is 32 liters. The hydraulic oil should be replaced regularly. The hydraulic oil should be replaced after 200 hours of initial use, and usually every six months. The oil tank and hydraulic components in the tank should be cleaned and wiped clean before filling the oil. The oil should be clean and filtered with 200 mesh copper wire cloth.

paper cutter

(4) Main points of daily maintenance of paper cutter

To ensure the cutting quality of paper and printed matter, the paper cutter needs to be maintained at ordinary times. The daily maintenance points of the paper cutter are as follows:

1. According to different seasons, choose suitable hydraulic oil. Use No. 20 machine oil in winter to maintain the fluidity of the paper cutter; use No. 30 machine oil in summer to maintain the viscosity of the paper cutter.

2. Maintain proper hydraulic pressure. If the pressure is too high, the sealing ring will burst; if the pressure is too low, the blade cutting will appear sluggish.

3. Coat the cutting platform and blade opening with talcum powder or paraffin wax. In this way, one is to reduce the frictional resistance between the paper and the platform, and the operation is labor-saving; the other is to extend the cutting times of the blade, and to ensure the smooth and neat cutting edge of the paper.

4. Add lubricating oil. Before working, add lubricating oil to the oil filling port of the machine to keep the machine lubricated and clean without generating noise, so that the paper cutter is always in good working condition.

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