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Common problems and functions of die-cutting indentation in the printing industry(6)

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3. Adjust the height of the layout. 

For printed note products, as long as the front page of the letter is increased by 0.7mm, it can form a height difference with the dark mark page, which is convenient for the bright printing plate to receive ink, while the dark printing plate is lower than the clear printing plate and cannot be stained with ink. 

As the printed layout is increased, the corresponding outer lining will be reduced accordingly. For this reason, the outer lining should be wrapped with a 70g kraft paper, but on the back of this kraft paper, a piece of white paper with a thickness of 0.7mmm should be glued on the back of the kraft paper corresponding to the dark mark layout, so that the printed product can be printed. Uniform pressure on the light and dark layouts ensures printing quality. 

paper cutting machine

For printing products that require creasing, such as book covers and book spine products, just use a grinder to grind the bottom of the creasing steel blade to about 0.7mm lower than the surface printing plate, and then directly align the indentation knife with the surface printing plate. Set up the plate so that the ink is not printed because the steel blade is slightly lower than the surface of the printed plate during printing. However, it and the lining part are placed with hard pads of appropriate thickness, such as white paper strips, so as to meet the indentation conditions and realize the light and dark printing process.

In summary, the use of one-step printing and creasing process not only greatly improves the printing efficiency, but also significantly improves the overprint quality of the product. At the same time, it reduces the loss of raw materials and improves economic efficiency. 

For many years, the author has used one-time processing technology for products with dark marks in the practice of on-the-spot production, so that the products that originally required two processes can be completed better at one time. The effect of the implementation of the process has also been well evaluated by colleagues and customers, and it is a technical improvement with promotion and use value.


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