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Common problems and functions of die-cutting indentation in the printing industry(1)

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With the development of society and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, consumers not only require the intrinsic quality of the goods, but also put forward higher requirements for the packaging of the goods when purchasing goods. This includes both requirements for commodity packaging and decoration design, as well as requirements for packaging post-press processing quality. The part of the printed material is compacted to produce traces, so that it has a certain concavity and convexity in the space is called indentation.

Indentation processing technology was initially only used for the forming of paper packaging boxes, and then gradually applied to the surface processing of various printed materials, especially the surface finishing processing of relatively high-end paper boxes, cartons, trademarks, and artworks. Now, indentation technology is one of the important means to realize packaging design

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It not only plays an important role in the final quality and effect of packaging, but also improves the artistic effect of printed matter to a large extent, and gives the printed matter new functions. An important means of value-added printing and promotion. Therefore, indentation technology has received more and more attention from the industry, and the scope of its use has become wider and wider. 

However, in the cutting and indentation process, a series of problems often appear, which affect the smooth progress of production. For this reason, this article takes the common problems in the production of die-cutting and indentation with the horizontal flat die-cutting machine as an example to analyze, I hope to help the actual production.

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