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Book binding

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booking binding

Book binding is the general term for the process of processing printed sheets into books. Binding is the overall operating process of a book from collating to the top cover forming, including the processing procedures of sorting, connecting, sewing, backing, and top cover of the printed pages in order. The form of bound books can be divided into two categories: Chinese style and Western style. The binding quality directly affects the reading, preservation and binding artistic effect of the books and periodicals. The length of the binding cycle is one of the main factors for the length of the book printing cycle.

According to different binding methods and forms, it is divided into three types: paperback, hardcover and thread-bound (there are also saddle-bound binding in paperback as a separate category). Ordering methods include wire binding, saddle stitching, sewing, stitching, viscose binding, and plastic thread binding. Paperback books and periodicals generally use paper covers, hardcover books and periodicals mostly use hard cardboard as the cover, which is decorated and processed into the cover. Thread binding is a traditional Chinese book binding form. In the sorting and publishing of ancient books, in addition to the flat and hardcover forms, some parts also use thread binding.

The production of paperback and hardcover books includes various forms of mechanization and linkage operations. The main production processes such as folding, collating, book binding, wrapping, book cutting and rounding, spine lifting, and shelling are all equipped with special machinery. Various single machines such as ordering, bagging, and cutting between related processes, such as matching, ordering, and bagging, form a linked production line. Roll paper rotary embossing presses and offset presses either use their folding mechanism or are linked with the folding machine to implement printing and folding linkage. Due to the complicated binding process and the variety of specifications, some auxiliary processes and specifications, special materials or very small batches, there are a certain amount of manual work. Because of the limitation of traditional methods, thread-bound books still use manual binding.

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