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Application of wireless offset machines in quick print shops(2)

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The impact of the gluing device on the quality of the print

Now the time concept of the graphic shop is to live pieces immediately, such efficient requirements, must require fast binding speed and good quality, Korea TACHOPLUS company's pneumatic wireless gluing machine unique single splint design, so that the machine starts to run faster, the work rate is higher: binding a tender, just put the cover, book core, click the start button, the tender of the later binding is complete, the average time 1.5 minutes.

The customer comes to the shop to produce a sample book, saying that they can only wait 30 minutes, the quick print shop has to plan the 30 minutes, 10 minutes to communicate with the customer, 10 minutes to print, 5 minutes to sort out the sample, 3 minutes to bind, and finally 2 minutes to type the package and send it to the customer. The first 20 minutes are well controlled, but when it comes to the final binding process, imperfect workmanship or untidy covers will affect the image in the customer's mind in the first place, or worse, they will have to rework and start again.

binding machine

At the same time, the Korean TACHOPLUS series of pneumatic binding machines all use a three-roller design, i.e. two upper rollers and a squeegee roller. The two glue rollers are rotating at the same time to make the glue application more even and the glue amount has a large adjustable range. The reversing squeegee roller is responsible for scraping off the excess glue. The gluing and scraping are carried out simultaneously. The squeegee roller facilitates the adjustment of the thickness of the gluing layer for different thicknesses of books and the adjustment of the pressure and angle of the back of the book, resulting in straight and rounded corners. 

Some brands of wireless gluing machines choose to use a single rubber roller design, the amount of glue is not easy to control, and some can only be adjusted by adding a gear glue stick to adjust the amount of glue, which is much worse than the effect of double rubber roller glue. The Korean TACHOPLUS pneumatic gluing machine, with its main gluing roller with a concave and convex groove structure, is easier to glue.

In addition, some printers reflect that some customers require side gluing (the advantage of using side gluing is that the temperature of the side gluing is lower, the viscosity is greater, it is easier to flow, the size of the gluing is better controlled, the bound book is neater and more beautiful, and the first and last pages of the book are not wrinkled).

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