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Application of wireless offset machines in quick print shops(1)

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The "Industrial Revolution" in the printing industry was the change from lead printing to laser phototypesetting at the end of the last century. This was followed by the mushrooming of large and small print centres, typesetting companies, printing companies and graphic shops, forming another branch of the printing industry - the quick-printing industry. The division of labour in society became clearer, with high-volume production-type business flowing into printers and small-lot production into quick-print shops.

With the development of society, the quick-printing industry has formed an inherent industrial chain after various reorganisations and mergers and baptisms during this nearly 15-year history of development, a social effect caused by technological innovation. The rapid development of society has also forced them to keep a close eye on the emergence of new technologies and applications.

At the same time, domestic equipment suppliers and channels are also constantly developing or introducing new technologies, such as the Beijing Tektronix Zhengtong Company Exhibition in 2014 for the post-printing adhesive binding process exhibited at the All India Show in South Korea's TACHOPLUS company's pneumatic wireless adhesive binding machine. The following author on the wireless binding machine a few notes to briefly share.

binding machine

The impact of the structure on the stability of the wireless binding machine

Domestic general graphic shops have now spent the initial start-up period, with shops increasing in size, branches opening and staff increasing. In such a trend, the company moved, new branches, there is inevitably a machine to move. In the process of moving machines, the stability of the frame is particularly important.

As a graphic shop "heavyweight players" in the binding machine when handling, its stability is also very important: many customers responded that the machine in the old location of the shop is still working well, moved to the new shop, the machine appeared "unsuitable", can not function properly. This is because the machine has been slightly deformed or shifted during transport.

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