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Application and Development of Digital Post(3)

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There are risks in any investment. It is generally difficult for companies purchasing digital post-press equipment to achieve a balance of income and expenditures within six months of purchase. 

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This is because the company's own technical team has learned and digested new technologies, the sales team’s education and training of customers, and the client The approval process after proofing takes time. After successfully going through these stages, companies can usher in a performance climb. Generally speaking, the successful application of digital finishing equipment is inseparable from the correct strategic positioning of the company, the continuous market development of the team, and a reasonable business model and market price.

Compared with China, the application field of foreign digital finishing process is very extensive. In the Christmas season of 2018, the output of personalized hot stamping photos in North America was brilliant. Seven mainstream online printers produced more than 20 million personalized hot stamping photos within one month. The personalized features of these photos are very prominent, less than 2% of repeated orders. In addition, digital post-printing has brought new products and new opportunities to the foreign personalized imaging market, and we look forward to similar successful applications in the Chinese market.

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In the environment of relatively surplus printing capacity, the investment views of some small and medium-sized enterprise decision makers who purchase digital finishing equipment are also changing. Although digital post-printing is booming, it is still new, small, and unique in the entire printing industry. 

Many people still hold a wait-and-see attitude. However, we are also pleased to see that in recent years, the digital post-press ecological chain has gradually improved, supporting consumables have risen in volume and prices have fallen year by year, more and more suppliers have entered the market, and equipment product lines and brands have gradually increased. There is still a long way to go before digital post-printing is generally applied in the market. Here, it is hoped that manufacturers and printers entering the field of digital printing will work together to open up a broader space and market for digital printing.

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