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Application and Development of Digital Post(2)

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Third, the performance of embossing is also different from traditional methods. The embossing using digital post-printing technology is a solidified stack of inks. There is no depression on the reverse side of the printed sheet, and the hardness after UV curing is high. 

This advantage is that for greeting cards, text can be written on the reverse side; for high-end mounted board gift boxes, there is no need to fill the depressions caused by the reverse side pressing, and it is not easy to foam after brushing, which can greatly improve the process details, three-dimensional feeling and good quality With time, temperature and other environmental changes, the embossed surface is still three-dimensional. In addition, the registration accuracy under hot stamping and UV multiple processes after digital printing is difficult to match with traditional processes.

Although the digital post-press process has many advantages, it does not mean that it will replace the traditional post-press process. They will learn from each other and complement each other for a long time.

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At present, printing companies either work hard on efficiency and management to continuously improve product price and quality competitive advantages; or they continue to innovate and serve customers in innovation. Enhance value to maintain and attract more high-quality customers. What digital post-press brings to printing companies is the increase in overall business volume and the optimization of customer structure. Today, when all kinds of traditional crafts have achieved extreme and homogenization, digital post-printing is undoubtedly the highlight of printing craftsmanship in recent years. Compared with digital printing technology, digital post-press technology has a higher penetration rate in the field of packaging printing.

But at present, there are still doubts about the digital post-press process in the market: can digital post-press adapt to the sensitive market prices and large-volume orders of the packaging and printing industry? Is it only used for proofing?

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