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Analysis and troubleshooting of common failures of folding machines(1)

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Folding machines are modern printing equipment that accompanies the modern printing industry. Modern printing plants usually include three processing steps: pre-press, printing, and post-press. The main carrier medium is paper. Due to the rise of packaging printing, in other material media, Such as plastics, fabrics, leather, metal surfaces, etc. are also on the rise, but the main carrier still dominates with paper. Next, let's take a look at its common fault analysis and troubleshooting methods.

1. Double or multiple sheets of paper

Reason: The paper stopper brush is too low or stretched too much into the paper stack, so that the paper cannot be blown loose enough.

Remedy: Adjust the brush to the correct position according to the operation and positioning requirements, and blow the paper loose.

②Cause: The wind of the paper separating nozzle is insufficient, and the height of the paper loosening nozzle is inappropriate.

Elimination method: The suction force can be appropriately increased according to the properties and requirements of the paper; the paper loosening nozzle can blow loose about 6 sheets of paper on the surface of the paper pile according to the positioning requirements.

hot melt glue

③ Cause: The paper is thin and the suction volume is too large, which will lift the paper under the first sheet.

Elimination method: appropriately reduce the air suction volume or replace the rubber nozzle with a smaller apron nozzle suitable for thin paper.

④ Cause: The paper does not blow loose or the edges of the paper stick.

Elimination method: Adjust the air volume of the blowing nozzle to the standard level that makes the paper loose according to the paper quality; the height of the paper stack is suitable for normal working requirements, and the interval is not too long; check whether there are sticky objects on the four sides of the paper stack and remove it to make it loose normal work.

⑤ Reason: The front edge of the paper pile is too high.

Remedy: reduce the height of the front edge of the paper stack or use a wooden wedge to make the lower part of the back edge of the paper stack consistent with the height of the front edge.

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