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High Failure Rate Of Heating Pipe
Location: Shanghai;
Time of occurrence: March 2018-August 2018
Customer: OEM
Fault description: For the glue binding machine products shipped after March 2018, the heating tube burned out at the customer's place many times, and the failure rate was 10%;
Temporary measures:
Temporarily purchase a batch of heating tubes from other manufacturers and replace the original heating tubes of all products.
Suspend the shipment of the company's internal binder products

Reason Verification:
1. Send this batch of heating tubes to the outside for inspection to confirm that the insulation of the product is less than 10mΩ, and the magnesium powder inside the heating tube is not compacted
2. The insulation diameter of the heating tube is too small, and there are problems with the internal assembly process, which may cause breakdown and burnout.

Corrective Action:
1. Look for a new supplier of heating pipes and request corresponding quality certificates
2. Use new heating tubes to replace the products in production and inventory, and the problematic heating tubes in the previous inventory are no longer used.
Corrective action effect verification:
The equipment for replacing the heating tube has not received any feedback that the heating tube is burned out, and is continuing to track it.

Preventive Measures:
Increase the heating tube incoming material inspection items include: size, resistance, insulation resistance, etc.


Chain Break
Location: Liaoning
Time of occurrence: July 29, 2018
Client: Agent
Problem Description:
After the equipment (new machine) was transported for 400 kilometers, the chain was broken after each copy was glued at the customer.

Temporary Measures:
Provide a qualified chain for on-site repair and replacement by the dealer
Full inspection of all inventory chains in the warehouse
Perform fatigue test on the chain installed and used on the production line, and continue to operate

Identify And Verify The Root Cause:
1. After confirmation, the chain used is provided by Hanfa Hardware (the only supplier)
2. The site is measured and confirmed by the dealer, and the sprocket and gear are installed without tilt
3. 700 chains in the warehouse were fully inspected, and 52 chains were found to have cracks in the connecting pieces, and the defect rate was 7.4%
4. On August 2nd, the supplier delivered 400 pieces and randomly inspected 50 pieces. It was found that 2 pieces of connecting pieces were cracked, and the defect rate was 4%.
Chain break is confirmed as chain material quality problem

Corrective Action:
1. Re-search for new chain suppliers and conduct corresponding new supplier audits
2. Increase chain inspection efforts and increase sample size for sampling inspection

Corrective Action Effect Verification:
1. After replacing the new chain supplier, the incoming inspection did not find any chain cracks
For equipment shipped after 2.8 months, no abnormal feedback of chain breakage was received

Preventive Measures:
Increase chain incoming material inspection specifications, clarify inspection items and key points

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