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Advantages of water-based laminating process for packaging color printing lamination

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An important part of color printing packaging production is glazing after color printing or paper-plastic lamination decoration. Now packaging products mainly rely on laminating or glazing, advertising instructions, books and notebooks Covers, product packaging and signs are all the same. Today, I will take you to understand the relevant content.

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In terms of surface coating or glazing, there are now a variety of decoration methods to choose from, such as:

① Cover BOPP, PE or PVC plastic film with water-based film coating glue;

② Cover the plastic film with organic solvent-based film coating glue;

③ Cover the plastic film with a plastic film pre-coated with adhesive;

④ Directly select high-grade coated paper that has been coated with a light coating agent, and no glazing or laminating after printing;

⑤ After printing, apply water-based varnish to surface finish;

⑥ Use organic solvent-based varnish for surface coating;

⑦ Curing varnish with UV ultraviolet light, etc.

A correct understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of these surface decoration methods, their respective vitality, and future development trends are not only extremely important for the packaging and printing industry, but also for the development and production of related adhesives, varnishes, coating agents, and plastic films. Laminating and glazing machinery and equipment manufacturers/suppliers are also extremely important.

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First of all, let’s talk about the performance and use characteristics of the water-based film-coated adhesive. It is a white emulsion adhesive composed of water as a dispersant and a polymer as the dispersed phase. The real water-based film-coated adhesive should not contain any organic solvent , The residual organic monomer should be less than 0.1%, and it smells no smell or slightly alcohol or ester fragrance. A good water-based laminating adhesive can be used in water-based machines or oil-based machines. The water-based machine has simple structure and low price. The solid content of a good water-based glue is about 1 times higher than that of an oil-based glue, and it is wet laminating. After laminating, the paper fiber absorbs and emits water to make the glue dry and transparent, and adhere firmly to the plastic film.

The product gloss and whiteness of the water-based adhesive film is better than that of the organic solvent-based film adhesive, and the adhesive force is equivalent to that of the solvent-based adhesive; and the water-based adhesive film is cold-bonded with the water-based machine film, without heating and drying, and can be used in large quantities Save electricity; due to the high solid content of water-based glue, the coating area of water-based glue of the same weight is more than 50% larger than that of solvent glue, so the product cost of water-based glue film is much lower than that of solvent glue; because water-based glue is not toxic and easy Organic solvents that are combustible, explosive, and pollute the environment can also reduce the probability of fire. It is precisely because water-based glue has so many advantages that it has developed rapidly in recent years and has gradually become the main theme of the market.

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